Welcome from North Lanarkshire - your County Executive Team

Alison Cooper - County Commissioner 

Contact Alison:  ccgirlguidingnl@gmail.com

It has been a privilege to become the lead volunteer for Girlguiding North Lanarkshire from October 2017.  Since then it has been a whirlwind of brilliant and exciting opportunities.  Meeting the girls and joining them on events is the best part of all.   Getting to know everyone in the county has been tremendous – I have been made to feel so welcome by you all.

I have been in guiding since the age of 8 when I came home from school demanding to join the local brownies – I haven’t ever left as I’m still there running the 14th Coatbridge Brownie Unit!   Guiding has provided so many opportunities and adventures – it has been an amazing journey so far and I’m so excited to be involved in what’s to come.   Having re-opened the 1st Coatbridge Guide unit I get the chance to have lots more adventures. 

Guiding for me has meant lots of new friendships over the years – many weekends and evenings spent in fun times and many stories to tell!

We have a fantastic team here in #TeamNL – a team with lots of experience, dedication and a commitment to fun and adventure. 

We have more than 1300 girls and more than 300 volunteers but we need to keep growing and spreading the word about how amazing our organisation is!  It’s up to all of us.

I’m married to Paul a very understanding husband, a busy mum of Amy & Callum and work full time managing a team of integrated health professionals – it’s a juggling act but guiding fits in to all my spare time and at times in place of sleep!  

As your county commissioner I am here to help and assist with anything I can, if you need to get in touch just drop me an email.

Fun fact – Don’t sit next to me on a bus – you’ll end up with a job!


Jillian McKee - County Secretary and County Membership/Go Coordinator

Contact Jillian:  Jillian.mckee@hotmail.com

I’ve been a Guider with the 7th Coatbridge Guides for over 30 years and a County Executive member for over 20 years, and have worked with seven County Commissioners.


I enjoy all the many different aspects of Guiding and the opportunities it has given me. I’m known as Asterix at Guides but can’t remember why I picked that name.


I’ve been married to Hugh for 30 years and have two children, Sarah (a student) and Craig (at school).


I have a Ph.D in Biochemistry and was a research fellow and associate lecturer at Glasgow University. I gave up working when Sarah was born.


I have been a Sunday School teacher and a church elder for many years.


I enjoy travelling, particularly cruises, and Hugh and I hope to visit many new places in the years to come.



Fun Fact: I collect Lego buildings but I’m running out of space to store them. Hugh draws the line at me keeping them under the bed!                                                 

Jean Ditty - Trefoil Guild Chair

Contact Jean:  jditty57@gmail.com

Guiding has played an important part in my life since joining as a seven year old Brownie, I have held many Adult Leader posts but for me camping has always been a highlight.

As Trefoil Guild Chair it is my aim to keep members informed about Guiding and to offer support when possible.

Jean fails to mention she's one of our previous county commisioners! 

Marketing & Communications Advisors

Patricia Lee Furie


I've been part of the 1st Coatbridge Brownies and Guides for almost 18 years.

More recently re-opened 1st Coatbridge Guides with our very own CC, 2 years later we have over 30 amazing girls.

I truely enjoy and am grateful for all the opportunities that Girlguiding has given me over the past 18 years, wouldn't change it for the world. 

I've been with my partner Micheal for almost 7 years now and we have our little dude Logan. 

I'm Tawny Owl at Brownies, and at Guides I'm Shortbread (we all have Scottish themed names chosen by our girls). I love purple, camping, NCIS and Harry Potter.

I'm very thankful for all the friendships that I have gained through Girlguiding so far. I'm now part of the County Team which is a great privilege and honour, and to share this role with my BBF: Larissa it makes it all the more fun.​

My random fact- I've clearly sat next to Alison too many times on the bus to Netherurd!

Larissa Woods


I started my journey within Girlguiding as a Brownie a long, long time ago (back when Nokia 3310’s roamed the earth). I came back to guiding as a young leader in my teens because I wanted to spend more time with my BFF – Patricia!


8 years and countless incredible adventures later, I’m still here, even with a new role in PR. My time in Girlguiding has been incredibly rewarding, filled with learning and laughing and lots of late night planning. I’ve found that I can function on less sleep than I thought humanly possible and that my actions really do impact the girls we work with. Being a volunteer has helped my grow as a person, achieving things I never thought I could do, and helping our girls do the same.


This year I graduated with an MA in English and Creative Writing from Dundee University, and I would say that being a part of Girlguiding gave me the confidence to move away from home to a city where I knew no one because of the positive experiences I’ve had in guiding.


My random Fact: I can drink an ocean of juice – ask Patricia!

Sharon & Christine -Coatbridge Division Commissioners

coatbridge dcs.jpg

Sharon Lambe

I’ve been a Leader with the 1st Coatbridge Brownies for over 25 years and have only just joined the County Executive team this year.


I enjoy being a Brownie leader and have only known this role within guiding until this year, where I have just taken over the new role as joint division commissioner along with Christine Morgan.  This has already been a large learning curve, learning about all the other sections.


I’ve been married to Christopher for 17 years and have two children, Miles and Cameron who are both at school.

I work full time as a Financial Controller for a local confectionery manufacturer and have worked there for 30 years.

Most of my life is taken up with either Guiding or helping out at my son’s football time, where I take an active role in being the team treasurer.

Fun Fact: My husband and I collect fridge magnets for any place I visit for the day or go on holiday to.  My children know we love to see them displayed on the fridge door.  It is an easy gift for them to buy us and not too expensive, which suits them.

Christine Morgan

I have been a leader with the 13th Coatbridge Rainbow Unit for nearly 25yrs, and a Division Commissioner for just over 6 months. 


I love my time at the rainbows, and can’t imagine doing anything else on a Friday night. 


I am married to Jim, have 2 children Christina and Clark. I have 2 grandchildren Aiden and Arya


I am a Church Elder and Depute Session Clerk


I enjoy helping out at my local Slimming World class


Fun Fact:  I went on a blind date 35 years ago, must have been a match as we have been married for 32 years

Lorna & Jen - Airdrie Division Commissioners


In MKR fashion, my name is Lorna and my name is Jen and we’re besties from Airdrie.

We have both been involved with Girlguiding for over 30 years now in various roles and are currently Division Commissioners for Airdrie.  We enjoy working as a team, having started our training together and our intention is to finish together – that’s if Alison will let us go!

We are both committed and dedicated and love nothing more than a good weekend away with fellow leaders, we do enjoy a good laugh and great company.


 We love Pina Coladas and dancing in the rain to name but a few hobbies. You can always depend on "double trouble" here to come help with any event you are running.

Aileen Stewart - New Programme Lead -  Rangers

alieen .jpg

My name is Aileen and I am 18 years old. I am a member of Rangers and a leader in training with Brownies in the Cumbernauld division. I am also a Peer Educator ant the new NL County Programme Lead for Rangers. I have been involved in Girlguiding for 11 years and I am currently a programme volunteer at Our Cabaña for the Summer and Autumn season.


Fun Fact:  I am learning to speak Spanish and have also studied Italian and Mandarin in the past.

sarah lawie profile_edited.jpg

Sarah Lawie - Guiding Development Advisor

Hi my name is Sarah. I have been in guiding since I was seven years old. Having just completed seven years as division Commissioner for Chryston and Stepps I am about to embark on my new role as guiding development adviser for North Lanarkshire guiding

Fun Fact : ‘ I love marmite’

Pat Marwick - County President


I’ve been involved with Girlguiding North Lanarkshire for more years than I care to remember. I’ve held too many posts to list them here, but my Guiding highlight was being a Deputy Scottish Chief Commissioner during the Centenary year in 2010.  I was privileged to attend so many amazing events.


I have recently completed five years as Chair of the Netherurd Working Group and am currently Chair of FoGGS – Friends of Girlguiding Scotland.


I love it all and am very happy to still be a part of the NL team. Keeps me young!


My interesting fact- I’ve been studying Spanish as a hobby for many years.


Hasta la vista!

June McCreadie - Divison Commissioner Cumbernauld 

 I have been in Guiding for over 40 years starting off as a Brownie and have been a Leader for 30 years in two different Counties.


I run 4 units, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers and am also a member of the Internet Trefoil Guild.


In the past I have been a District Commissioner, First Aid trainer, Mentor, Camp Adviser and I’m currently Division Commissioner for Cumbernauld.

Amy Cooper - County Events and Training Coordinator 

I'm Amy, I am a Leader in Coatbridge who has clearly also been sat next to the County Commissioner far too many times in my life. I run a Rainbow unit and help run a Brownie and Guide unit too. All three in one night!
I am also a Peer Educator, having completed my training in Birmingham I enjoy visiting lots of different Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger units delivering sessions on the 3 topics - "Free Being Me", "Think Resilient" and "Breaking Free".
I have also been involved in two County Internationals over the past few years, visiting the world centre Our Chalet in Switzerland and going to Barcelona.  
I am enjoying the challenges being the County Events and Training Coordinator, with the New Programme launch and all the upcoming events we have planned over the next few months.

Shelagh Armstrong -Chryston and

Stepps Division Commissioner 

Shelagh Armstrong.PNG

I joined Girlguiding as an adult 12 years ago volunteering first at Rainbows and then at Brownies before taking over running the unit and then starting another.  I love working with my little ladies and helping them explore their capabilities and try out new things and I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful team of Guiders and Young Leaders who help me every week. 


I’ve been very fortunate to have been a stay at home Mum for the past 16 years and now have a bit more time for my own activities. 

Fun Fact: I have a variety of different interests but don’t think I’ll be returning to my previous activity of gliding as don’t think I’m brave enough these days!

alison mcauley.jpg

Alison McAuley - New Programme Lead Brownies

I am presently the Brownie Leader in 6th Coatbridge. I have been involved in guiding from age 7! I later became the Leader at the unit until the school was demolished in 2004. I then helped out at my current unit, going on to become their Brownie Leader about 6 years ago.  

Guiding has always been part of my life and I love the opportunities that it offers for all.  I will be celebrating 30 years as a warranted Leader in October. I am looking forward to learning about the new programme and joining you all on this exciting journey. 

Random Fact :While doing a charity parachute jump for Mencap I finished nearest to the landing site X then drove 20 miles before I realised I had broken my ankle !

Eileen McHenery - Young Leader Coordinator

Contact Eileen: eileenmac6@sky.com 
yes yes .jpg

My name is Eileen McHenery. I have been around Girlguiding North Lanarkshire for quite a while.

I started my Guiding career as a Brownie Leader in Chryston and Stepps Division and later took a Guide Unit for a number of years before venturing into Rainbows. I have also been Division and District Commissioners in both Chryston and Stepps and more recently in Coatbridge where I started up a new Rainbow Unit which I ran for several years. I went back to my first love of Brownies before retiring from running weekly units a couple of years ago. 

More recently I was County International Adviser and organised a successful trip to Adelboden, Switzerland, including a visit to Our Chalet – a highlight of the week. This role also included running the County INTOPS experiences giving a good number of Guides, Senior Section and Young Adult Leaders the opportunity to attend the Scottish INTOPS where we have been successful year after year in sending girls to International experiences run by Girlguiding Scotland.

 I have also run many trips abroad in the past including taking my Brownies to Disneyland Paris for the Big Brownie Birthday  and have experience INTOPS experiences to camps in Denmark and Italy and the thrill of a 3 week experience at Sangam in India working with the local Brownies, Guides and Scouts.

In the past I have held posts on the Outdoor Team – Pack Holiday Adviser, Camp Adviser and Outdoor Adviser. I have been very fortunate in being a member of Girlguiding and have had so many experiences ranging from travelling across the world.

I have been very fortunate to make so many friends through being a member of Girlguiding North Lanarkshire.

More recently I was lucky enough to enjoy a superb holiday around Australia – a highlight being to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge - a breath-taking and exhilarating experience.

Random Fact - I gave the Queen the badge of her Golden Jubilee at the Garden Party.