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Rangers have a huge range of opportunities including travelling around the world, getting your voice heard through advocacy campaigns, taking part in our exciting peer-education programmes and getting involved in worldwide community projects. 

Members of our Ranger section enjoy unique experiences, develop valuable skills and are encouraged to stand up for what they believe in.

Aileen Stewart our Ranger Advisor (2nd from the left), you can contact Aileen for further information or help with your unit - aileen.stewart@icould.com

Rangers have adventures - endless opportunities and building great friendships 
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Peer Education - our peer educators are aged 14-25 and can facilitate training to rainbows, brownies and guides on a wide range of important topics for young people.

If you would like to book a session of Peer Education within your unit contact Amy Keyes our Peer Education Coordinator:  amykeyes148@hotmail.co.uk

International Opportunities - Kirsty Higgins

Roverway 2018


This summer, I attended Roverway in the Netherlands.  Roverway is an international event that brings together 5,000 Guides and Scouts from Europe and beyond for just under two weeks.  I was one of the fourteen Girl Guides selected through INTOPS to represent Scotland.  We all had to do our own fundraising and with the support of my Unit, County and Scottish HQ, I was able to meet the target. 


We spent our first day sightseeing in Amsterdam and then attended the opening ceremony at the Hague.  After a night sleeping under the stars on a beach, we travelled to our ‘Path’ in Papenvoort, leaving behind the other Scottish patrol but meeting up with five other patrols.  A ‘Path’ is a prearranged programme and ours was based on hiking.  For the next five days we walked around 30 kilometres per day, in temperatures in the high 30s.  Walking for these distances gave us the chance to get to know the people from the other patrols who had come from Italy, Spain, Finland, Ireland and England.  At the end of each day we would prepare our own meals and play games until it was time to get into our tents for a well-earned sleep.


After five days exploring Holland’s landscapes and history, we headed back to the main camp where we would spend the next six days.  There was a huge range of activities on offer and we could choose to do as much, or as little, as we wanted.  My favourites were swimming in the lake, canoeing, raft building and problem solving in the escape rooms.  At night there were ‘silent discos’, international cafes and music was played on the main stage until 3am.  One day we did some team exercises and I found myself co-presenting my group’s ideas to 5,000 people.  Roverway ended with a closing ceremony where the flags of the 54 participating countries were lowered.


I can’t put into words how amazing this experience has been for me.  I will never forget all the things I was able to do, and I know I’m going to keep in touch with all the friends I’ve made.


Kirsty Higgins

14th Coatbridge

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